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Thank you for your Support of The Actors Fund!

Wow! Thank you to everyone for your support of The Actors Fund. Due to your contributions we raised $6,898 for everyone working in theater, film, television, radio, music, dance, opera and circus in front of and behind the scenes. The fact that we can come together as a community and show support even in a time of great personal struggle, just goes to show you how incredible humanity is. The arts community has been devastated by COVID-19 both economically and physically but you all have made such a powerful statement of support by assisting this incredible organization!

Thank you Lewis Jean-Charles, Jack Utrata, Ryan Millis, Andreia Toma, Lisa Yapp, Ilise Ratner, Sandra Waibel, Stephanie Nelson, Suzy Adair, George Libbares, Donna Sterns, Sachiko Takino, Nathaniel P. Claridad, Kurt Heiniger, Syndi Salvisberg Haeuser, Jeannine Goode-Allen, Carole Monferdini, Tricia Howarth Margolis, Marianne Currie Goodell, Andres Roberto Robledo, David Sharp, Maddie Dennis-Yates, Keith Jones, Rachel Sydney Goldberg, Susan McDonald, Elena D Clark, Caroline Engle, and Beat Bieler.

Even though our fundraiser has concluded, please feel free to donate to The Actors Fund anytime HERE.

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